Find a Trusted Process Server in Boise, ID

Specializing in legal process serving since 2010

A process server is a qualified professional who delivers legal documents to defendants in court proceedings. They act as third-party members whose sole purpose is to ensure that the necessary files are served by hand quickly and legally. Jailbreak Bail Bonds is here to act as your process server in the Boise, ID area.

When it comes to legal process serving, we can deliver...

  • Summons
  • Subpoenas
  • Small claims
  • Divorce paperwork
  • Custody paperwork
With our help, your court hearing can proceed as soon as possible. Call us today to find out more about our legal process serving work.

Keep your divorce process civil and fast-moving

Keep your divorce process civil and fast-moving

Whether you initiated the divorce or you were on the receiving end, it's important for both parties involved to find a clear and convenient resolution. Jailbreak Bail Bonds can keep your case on track with divorce process services in Boise, ID or surrounding areas. We'll make sure that you and your former spouse have the proper paperwork to proceed with the process right away.

Don't let your divorce get strung along for months - contact us now to arrange for divorce process services.