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What a Process Server Does

Process serving is a job that not everyone understands. Often, it’s something we only see or hear about through television when a character in a movie or sitcom is suddenly faced with an unknown person who shoves papers at them, telling them they’ve been served.

In reality, a process server in Idaho, or anywhere in the U.S, acts as a messenger for an individual, law firm, business, government agency, or collection agency that gives a person being served an authorized document by court rule, statute, city ordinance, court order, or regulation. Once an individual has been served, a process server will then provide a sworn proof of service in the form of a court-filed affidavit, certificate, declaration, or acknowledgment of service.

While county sheriffs once provided this service, they no longer deliver court papers due to the unprecedented growth of jurisdictions throughout Idaho. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your important papers are delivered in a timely fashion and in accordance with the law by hiring a professional process server to get the job done.
Keep in mind that a process server does more than serve papers. At Jailbreak Bail Bonds, we also file court papers and retrieve documents. However, serving legal documents is one of our most important tasks because if it’s not done correctly, a case could be thrown out of court.


Neither you nor the local sheriff's deputy has the time to serve papers for every lawsuit on the docket. If you need help, reach out to Jailbreak Bail Bonds today. Over the last decade, our process server in Boise, ID has served countless legal documents to individuals and businesses throughout the area.

Day or night, you can trust us to deliver. Call 208-658-2245 now to discuss your needs with our experienced process server.


Do you need help serving papers? If so, you've come to the right place-Jailbreak Bail Bonds is home to a leading legal process server in the Boise, ID area. You can depend on us to:

  1. Ensure a speedy delivery of all legal documents.
  2. Keep detailed records of our deliveries.
  3. Deliver each document with the utmost professionalism.
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